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The Brand Misfit™ Charlene Brown - host of the Clarity with Charlene™ Podcast

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This podcast is your guide to understanding just how vital clarity is in our lives, businesses, and careers. It's the cornerstone of creation and the guiding star of direction.
Here on Clarity with Charlene™, we dig into transformative, thought-provoking conversations that explore the very heart of clarity. We'll uncover why the lack of it can be the stumbling block for a majority of people, tech implementation, and business plans.

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About the Brand Misfit

Meet the Brand Misfit™

Founder, CTO, and Lead Strategy Consultant at Bklyn Custom Designs℠, Charlene empowers booked out women coaches + consultants develop evergreen opportunities without having to post to social media every day or struggling with tech + brand overwhelm.
With over two decades deep in the tech trenches, she's more than just a website developer, she's a seasoned technology and creative director. She's passionate about Clarity, Tech, & Brand Strategy Consultant. From startups to Fortune 500 corporations, her diverse range of experience has honed her ability to amplify brands, demystify technology, and strategize for growth. Her mantra? Transform clicks into profit & get Clarity with Charlene™.

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Every week jump in on a new episode all about clarity and how it has changed the lives of so many. Join us on weekly for a new drop & share your insights on how clarity has helped you get where you want and what you want.

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Mark your calendars, because every Thursday, we'll bring you an incredible opportunity to gain the clarity you need to thrive in this ever evolving digital space.
Stay tuned on your fave podcast platform for our upcoming episodes from the Clarity with Charlene™ podcast, because together, we're about to flip the game.

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