Clarity in Diversity:
Building Impact & Setting Boundaries

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Marie Deveaux is a renowned expert in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).
Her 20 year career in learning and development has positioned her as an expert in crafting leaders, empowering change and coaching innovators to meet their potential. She is the founder of High Tides Consulting, her boutique Learning & Development firm that revolutionizes DEI by focusing on effective communication and inclusive leadership.
Marie climbed the corporate ranks before pivoting to entrepreneurship, driven by a commitment to create spaces where everyone thrives. She is an adept content developer and skilled facilitator, celebrated for empowering women and BIPOC individuals in corporate and entrepreneurial spaces.
We are excited to chat with Marie today about her authentic approach to next gen leadership, and to hear some invaluable insights on building cultures of belonging.
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Marie Deveaux's Approach to Clarity

Overcoming Discomfort and Limiting Beliefs

Importance of Controlling Reactions

Clarity Goals

Setting Boundaries for Givers

Clarity and Boundaries in All Areas of Life

Visualizing and Making Changes

Building on Visions through


In this episode, we have the amazing Marie Deveaux joining us to discuss the topic of “Clarity in Diversity”.
Marie is all about visioning and making plans. She shares her journey of creating her own business and the importance of finding clarity before diving into a niche.
We'll also dive into the struggles people face when it comes to sitting in discomfort and being patient with themselves. Marie emphasizes the significance of questioning obligations and realizing that most things are not urgent or life and death.
Together, we'll explore the power of setting boundaries and how it can lead to guilt-free enjoyment of life and the ability to say no.
Get ready for an episode full of insights, practical tips, and empowering conversations.
Let's dive in!

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