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Making Management Less Intimidating, Customizable, and Repeatable.
Lux Leadership Coaching founder, Sara Scharlau, has a professional background of over 15 years in communication design, specializing in Human-Centered Design Principles. She has spent the last eight years honing her management style and helping new managers find their footing using the same Human-Centered Principles that made her successful as a designer. 
Sara has developed a framework for making management less intimidating and More Human™. This has helped hesitant new managers excel sooner and experienced managers take their skills to a new level.

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Importance of Authenticity and Vulnerability in Management

Human-Centered Design Principles in Management

Upskilling Individuals for Management Positions

The Power of Mentorship

Time Management and Clear Communication for Managers

Changing the Perception of Bad Management

Unlocking Success through


In this episode, Charlene and Sara deliver a dynamic exploration of clarity's pivotal role in design and management. They emphasize the profound impact of clear communication, setting expectations, and understanding individual preferences on achieving both business and life success.

From the importance of open communication and mentorship opportunities in leadership to the art of active listening, team dynamics, and creating a culture of clarity during times of change, Charlene and Sara offer practical insights. They wrap up by highlighting how clarity fosters exceptional relationships and improved performance, stressing the importance of managers' clear expectations and effective feedback for their teams. Tune in to unlock the transformative potential of clarity and elevate your approach to design, management, and life.

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